My water rocket launch

Water rockets work by filling them half with water and pumping them until the cork pops out. The rocket bursts into the air.


The foot pump didn’t work so we used a small hand pump.


When it launched off we got soaking wet but we had fun!


Counting in Japanese numbers

My dad helped me to learn Japanese counting. I first had to learn the numbers all the way to ten.

1 is ichi
2 is ni
3 is san
4 is yon/shi
5 is go
6 is roku
7 is nana/shichi
8 is hachi
9 is kyu
10 is juu

We also learned the numbers for one hundred and one thousand.

100 is hyaku
1000 is sen/zen

Counting higher than ten is easy.

15 is juu go
27 is ni juu nana
257 is ni hyaku go juu nana
642 is roku hyaku yon juu ni
853 is hachi hyaku go juu san
2252 is ni sen ni hyaku go juu ni