My new cat Leia!

This is our new cat called Leia. We got her on the first Tuesday of the summer holidays 2015 when she was 11 weeks old. She was born on the 9th of may 2015.

Leia is a Bengal cross with a tabby. Her mother is a house cat and her owners accidently let her out one night and she was lost. The next morning she came back pregnant!


Because Leia is part Bengal she has loads of energy and likes to play and even plays fetch!


Soon she will be neutered so she can’t have kittens and chipped in case she gets lost.


Observing Bugs

We went for a walk in Oversley Wood to search for bugs. We mainly found Woodlice, Earwigs and centipedes under rotten logs and leaves. We think this is because they like cold dark damp places, and centipedes especially need to keep moist because they do not have a waxy layer on their skin and loose water easily.

Searching for bugs in rotting logs.
Searching for bugs in rotting logs.
Centipede (with eggs)
Centipede (with eggs)




Centipedes are not actually insects but arthropods. Insects always have 6 legs but centipedes can have up to 350!
Woodlice are more closely related to crabs than insects!
A female earwig can lay over 50 eggs at one time!

My Model Steam Engine

Here are some pictures and a short video of my model steam engine, built by a company called Mamod.


First we poured some methylated spirits into the burner which we lit to make the water in the boiler boil. When water boils it creates pressure that makes the piston go in and out turning the weel. On the wheel there is a  little groove that allows a drive belt to be attached onto other things like an an electric generator.


My water rocket launch

Water rockets work by filling them half with water and pumping them until the cork pops out. The rocket bursts into the air.


The foot pump didn’t work so we used a small hand pump.


When it launched off we got soaking wet but we had fun!


Counting in Japanese numbers

My dad helped me to learn Japanese counting. I first had to learn the numbers all the way to ten.

1 is ichi
2 is ni
3 is san
4 is yon/shi
5 is go
6 is roku
7 is nana/shichi
8 is hachi
9 is kyu
10 is juu

We also learned the numbers for one hundred and one thousand.

100 is hyaku
1000 is sen/zen

Counting higher than ten is easy.

15 is juu go
27 is ni juu nana
257 is ni hyaku go juu nana
642 is roku hyaku yon juu ni
853 is hachi hyaku go juu san
2252 is ni sen ni hyaku go juu ni